Are you a student, activist or social entrepreneur who is passionate about making the world a better place?

Are you bummed your tight budget prevents you from being able to gather with others at a conference like MCON and take action for the causes you care about?

Cheer up, buttercup. We’ve got you covered.

Thanks to some really great partners, we have a limited number of MCON scholarships that are pretty awesome (if we do say so ourselves).

First and foremost, MCON scholarships cover the full cost of registration – and if that’s not reason enough to apply, we don’t know what is.

Why else should you apply for an MCON scholarship, though? You’ll be front and center in more than 20 inspiring sessions, you’ll get access to the MCON Lounge, and you’ll receive a Newseum ticket for future use.

In the words of basically any infomercial ever, “But wait – there’s more!” At MCON, you just might:

1. Get inspired to get off your butt and do something.

MCON sessions feature a wide variety of speakers, from foundations and nonprofits using innovative ways to spark action to organizations that go beyond cause marketing by integrating a social mission into their long-term business strategy.

“All of the speakers and panelists [at MCON 2016] were incredibly inspiring – not only about the causes they supported, but also how they view problems and creative solutions.” Jeff, Modesto, CA, MCON 2016 attendee

2. Make new connections and friends.

MCON is a first-class networking opportunity – but not the awkward kind. (We won’t make you play any icebreakers, promise.) Surround yourself with people who actively seek to find creative solutions to today’s big problems. Discussion groups are a common theme, and you’ll find many people working to turn their interest in an issue into action. Even more than professional contacts, MCON forges personal bonds (we call them friendships) that last for years to come.

“MCON will leave a lasting impact on you personally and professionally. I walked away with new friends, increased confidence and more support for all of the exciting project I’m working on.” Laura, Detroit, MCON 2016 attendee

3. Add new tools to your arsenal.

An unfortunate (okay, we’ll say it: annoying) aspect of many conferences is the lack of tangible, relevant action items. Inspirational speakers become much less inspiring when they only speak in theories or situations that would never be replicated. That’s exactly what we intentionally avoid when cultivating MCON speakers, topics and panels. Through real-life examples with practical solutions, MCON leaves you excited and prepared to tackle – and actually affect change for – the issue(s) you care about.

“MCON’s speakers were passionate, organized and technical. They didn’t speak and in generalities; they were specific about solutions and methods.” Paul, Washington, D.C., MCON 2016 attendee

Don’t let your budget extinguish your desire to do good. Today’s toughest issues need passionate problem solvers like you, and MCON is the place to convert that desire into action that matters.