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FPL Manatee Lagoon

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About the Project

Visitors to Manatee Lagoon share an experience the whole family can enjoy in the company of endangered and unique Florida manatees as these gentle giants huddle and snuggle in the warm-water outflows of Florida Power & Light Company’s (FPL) Riviera Beach Next Generation Clean Energy Center during manatee season. The manatee center was built shortly after FPL modernized this natural gas plant. FPL constructed Manatee Lagoon as part of its environmental mission to not only educate the public about the relationship it has with these wonderful creatures, but to “inspire communities to preserve and protect Florida’s environment and wildlife for future generations.”

Achieve’s mission was to create an engaging website that served the educational mission of the center while showcasing the many events and programs available to the community. In addition, Achieve worked with their program and venue management teams to assess their operational needs and identify software applications to meet those needs. Achieve’s support team oversaw the implementation of the selected products and training of Manatee Lagoon’s staff, while Achieve’s designers and developers worked with the selected software vendors to provide a seamless integration of their applications with the website. Visitors can now book the venue for events and sign up for programs online.

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