Case Study:

Dance Kaleidoscope



As Indiana’s longest-running professional contemporary dance company, Dance Kaleidoscope brings dance to diverse audiences of all ages, with a strong emphasis on arts education. The organization relies on support from donors and patrons. In order to grow its supporters and draw in a younger audience, Dance Kaleidoscope first needed to understand its current donor base and how to best communicate with them.


To better understand its donors and patrons and to create effective marketing campaigns that draw more attendance and increase donors and gifts, Dance Kaleidoscope partnered with Achieve to conduct research, and to recommend marketing strategies and messaging based on that information.


We first conducted quantitative research through the creation and dissemination of surveys, both online and in person at select performances. In addition to quantitative surveys, we conducted qualitative interviews with staff, volunteers and audience members as a way of validating survey findings.


From the research findings, we were able to uncover common themes among current donors and patrons as to why they attended performances, what draws them to the organization, where they go to find information about arts and cultural events in Indianapolis and why they support Dance Kaleidoscope.


From the surveys and interviews, Dance Kaleidoscope now has a better understanding of the demographics and preferences of its current audience makeup and has identified those of its ideal supporters. With strategic direction from Achieve, the organization now has a plan and specific tactics to be able to reach and draw in this new audience demographic by tailoring performances, identifying new venues, forging partnerships and incorporating new marketing approaches.

Based on the information the organization learned as a client, Dance Kaleidoscope is now positioned to increase its base of donors and patrons.

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