Case Study:

City of Tampa

City of Tampa logo


The City of Tampa came to Achieve seeking a new website that would help the city meet two goals: Build a stronger community by promoting City of Tampa events and appeal to anyone who was considering relocating to the greater Tampa area. When Achieve began working on the website the team discovered that there was an overwhelming amount of materials: 1,500 PDFs, 3,500 JPEGs, 6,700 pages and 105 content managers in total.


Achieve met with the City of Tampa to determine which content items were necessary to keep and which could be archived from the existing website. After conducting a thorough analysis using the site’s Google Analytics, Achieve developed a site map that ensured that the site’s most popular pages were easily accessible on the new site. Once the site map was agreed upon, Achieve developed mood boards to discuss the look and feel of the new website. This phase was incredibly detailed and included not just imagery, but also colors, fonts and usability elements like buttons and hyperlinks to iron out every single detail, no matter how small.


With acute attention to detail, the team worked hand-in-hand with the City of Tampa to develop a completely customized Drupal website that was easy for users to navigate and reflected Tampa’s beauty. This allowed the team to customize a responsive website that would provide an optimal viewing experience on any device, while at the same time providing the robust security and content management that Drupal is known for. The responsive, Drupal website was architected and built with accessibility in mind and resulted in a simple, easy-to-search website that appeals to all ages.

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