The dust is starting to settle from another remarkable MCON. This year’s event gathered leaders, social entrepreneurs, activists and students from all over the country to National Geographic’s campus in Washington, D.C. for an unforgettable week.

Whether you made it to D.C. this year, took advantage of the free live stream or you’re just now hearing about the event, check out these 11 can’t-miss moments from MCON 2016.

#11 Jay Newton-Small Talks “Broad Influence,” How Women Continue to Shape Politics


#10 Laurindo Garcia Brings Innovation to LGBT Rights and Inclusion


#9 The Funny Or Die Panel Looks at Humor, Politics and Influence


#8 Jean Case Shows Us the Evolution of “Exploration”


#7 Campaign Reports Take Us Behind the Scenes of a Crazy Election Year 


#6 Lansie Sylvia Says the Future of Civic Engagement Is Physical, Not Digital


#5 The Identity Panel Examines Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues


#4 Filmmaker Chris Temple Describes His Experience Living in a Syrian Refugee Camp


#3 Chef José Andrés Answers Questions on Food, Sustainability, Poverty and Life


#2 Miki Agrawal Tells Stories About Finding Inspiration and Facing Taboos


#1 DeRay Mckesson Talks the Origin and Future of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

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