As an executive you probably know that you need a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, i.e., an organizational commitment to the community and environment in which your business operates. There are numerous case studies on how CSR initiatives can enhance your brand while also helping the well-being of the communities your organization affects and depends on. For-profit engagement in CSR is very popular, but three innovators of the idea have really mastered how to allow their employees to tap into their philanthropic desires.

Clifbar. CEO Kevin Cleary leads Clifbar’s Impact initiative, whose motto is, “Every day is an opportunity to do something that matters.” Impact focuses on three main areas: Working to reduce our global footprint, creating a more sustainable food system and building healthier communities. Clifbar’s journey towards zero waste continues to be a company-wide initiative and emphasizes a “one small step leads to another” approach.

Honeycomb. As the co-founder of Honeycomb, Melissa Lake is dedicated to connecting businesses and philanthropies all over the world. Their team is dedicated to helping businesses give back and get more by building profitable relationships. If your company really wants to expand its CSR program but isn’t sure where to start, Honeycomb is there to help match your business to a cause that you care most about.

Causecast. Ryan Scott’s vision was to create a platform that helps companies of all sizes increase their social impact and employee engagement. That idea turned into Causecast, a true SaaS model that enables companies all over the world to build high-impact, scaleable, employee-led giving and volunteering programs that are globally meaningful, locally relevant and easy to manage. With an emphasis on peer-to-peer interaction and “give anywhere” technology, Ryan has really focused on making doing good part of doing business.

Are you still unsure about how you can build a CSR program that will boost employee engagement and enhance your brand? Will it help to hear from leaders like Kevin, Melissa and Ryan?

If so, MCON 2017  in DC is for you! We will explore how a generation of ‘do gooders’ can go the mile for causes, and what companies and organizations like The Case Foundation and Blackbaud are doing to cultivate interest and action in social good.

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