Millennials turned out to vote in record numbers in 2008. Since then, politics are transforming Millennials and their view on government and the public sector. Is it safe to say the Millennial voice really matters in elections?


Sixty seven percent of young voters cast their ballots for President Barack Obama in 2012, compared to 36 percent for Mitt Romney. Had the Millennial vote been split 50-50 in four states – Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia – Romney would have been elected president, according to the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement. A 2016 Washington Post expose showed that Millennials are as interested in politics as youth in previous generations, and about just as politically active.

So where can Millennials discuss the political topics affecting them, particularly in an election year? This year, MCON 2016 and its premier media partner The Washington Post will present a two-hour bipartisan forum that will address the main issues facing Millennial voters. The political town hall will take place on June 21, 2016 on the campus of National Geographic in Washington D.C. with the following goals for discussion:

  • Issues that specifically affect the Millennial generation and what steps can be taken to address those issues
  • How political engagement has changed in the past few years and what it will look like in the future
  • Innovation in the public sector and how Millennials can work in government in ways that are different from previous generations
  • How to increase Millennial voter turnout and civic engagement

Make sure your voice is heard by attending the MCON Political Town Hall presented by The Washington Post. Registering before April 30 guarantees you the lowest ticket price and those who purchase Guaranteed Seating will reserve their spot in every main stage session, including this one-of-a-kind political town hall.